clean meaning in marathi

Word: clean
Meaning of clean in english - not dirty, uncluttered, sterile, chaste, virtuous, precise, sharp, complete, thorough, make undirty, uncluttered

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
svachh ( स्वछ )
Synonyms of clean
hygienic unblemished simple clear tidy bright graceful elegant orderly spotless neat pure blank fresh immaculate trim stainless sparkling vanilla white shining apple-pie order delicate faultless flawless sanitary snowy squeaky unstained unsullied untarnished unsoiled washed speckless laundered cleansed dirtless neat as a button neat as a pin spic and span taintless unpolluted unsmudged unspotted well-kept wholesome antiseptic aseptic unadulterated decontaminated clarified disinfected purified sterilized uncontaminated uninfected decent good upright moral innocent blameless exemplary guiltless honorable inculpable modest respectable sinless undefiled crimeless unguilty plain correct clear-cut definite distinct legible readable perfect entire total final absolute conclusive decisive unimpaired bathe scrub clear up soak dredge spruce up mop flush pick up scrape sweep brush vacuum dust wipe rinse winnow sponge erase refine polish scald blot swab lave sanitize rasp neaten soap expurgate rake cauterize clarify scour whisk deodorize expunge purify purge clear the decks do up deterge edulcorate hackle shampoo absterge depurate elutriate rout out shake out straighten up
Antonyms of clean
unclean complicated unclear unintelligible aware cloudy uncertain disorganized sloppy slovenly untidy impure tainted cluttered adulterated defiled unchaste indefinite muddled incomplete contaminated dirty filthy foul soiled dark dull gloomy obscure disorderly corrupt polluted stained tarnished besmirched unvirtuous imprecise unsterile indecent unsuitable dishonest evil sinful bad intricate ornate obscured vague ambiguous complex difficult decorated embellished imperfect limited part partial worsen ruin
Identical words :
As noun :
cleanliness - chokhadepan ( चोखडेपण )
cleaning or clearing out - ugaanen ( उगाणें )
cleaning up - orisaari ( ओरीसारी )
cleansed - gaaliv ( गाळीव )
cleansing aromatic paste - chokhani ( चोखणी )
cleaning the teeth - dantadhaavan ( दंतधावन )
cleaning - sauchi ( सौचि )
cleaning and sprinkling - samaarjanasammaarjan ( समार्जन-संमार्जन )
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