coconut meaning in marathi

Word: coconut
Meaning of coconut in english - head, noodle

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
naaryalanaaryel ( नार्यळ-नार्येळ )
Synonyms of coconut
brain skull belfry upstairs attic crown dome cranium noggin scalp pate gray matter think tank thinker capitulum top story upper story poll
Antonyms of coconut
follower rear ending ignorance inability foot bottom conclusion finish
Identical words :
coconut shell - naravanti ( नरवंटी )
coconut oil - naaralel ( नारलेल )
coconut milk squeezed out of the hair after a bath - pila ( पिळा )
coconut milk used as an ointment - bhogi ( भोगी )
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