controller meaning in marathi

Word: controller
Meaning of controller in english - administrator, boss, director, governor, guide, inspector, leader, manager, master, superintendent, manipulator, bursar, straw boss, taskmistress

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
saasan ( सासन )
Synonyms of controller
head executive supervisor custodian official bureaucrat chief authority commander officer organizer judge dean minister ambassador chairperson producer consul premier overseer President captain front office CEO mayor head honcho head person person upstairs prez employer owner chieftain wheel big cheese foreperson big gun big person dominator helmer person in charge taskperson top dog player principal skipper kingpin executive officer key player top person comptroller ruler chief of state gubernatorial leader guv presiding officer mentor model counselor teacher pilot chaperon docent usher cicerone convoy monitor guru pattern genius ideal criterion escort pioneer adviser conductor standard scout genie attendant inspiration vanguard exemplar design paradigm example pathfinder rudder exhibitor lodestar guiding spirit detective investigator police officer auditor sleuth reviewer private eye tester scrutinizer checker assessor general lion eminence pacesetter superior luminary ringleader shepherd notable notability harbinger herald dignitary forerunner counsellor doyen precursor proprietor handler slavedriver zookeeper instructor pedagogue overlord taskmaster tutor matriarch preceptor swami patriarch conqueror commanding officer slave driver commandant schoolmaster/ mistress spiritual leader curator caretaker sitter schemer operator agent conspirator cashier purser paymaster cashkeeper foreman
Antonyms of controller
follower employee worker student pupil servant
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