cool meaning in marathi

Word: cool
Meaning of cool in english - cold, nippy, calm, collected, aloof, disapproving, excellent, chill, take a break, abate

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
shit ( शीत )
As adjective :
saity ( सैत्य )
Synonyms of cool
chilly refreshing frosty frigid arctic biting chilling gelid snappy wintry shivery chilled air-conditioned nipping refrigerated algid coldish frore hawkish serene relaxed quiet tranquil placid composed detached assured deliberate dispassionate impassive imperturbable levelheaded nonchalant philosophical phlegmatic self-possessed stolid together unemotional unflappable unruffled self-controlled coolheaded unagitated unexcited lukewarm offended solitary reserved withdrawn annoyed apathetic distant impertinent impudent indifferent insolent offhand standoffish unapproachable uncommunicative unenthusiastic unfriendly uninterested unresponsive unsociable incurious procacious unwelcoming neat dandy swell divine keen boss glorious marvelous nifty sensational hunky-dory lessen reduce freeze moderate temper mitigate ally air-cool infrigidate lose heat dampen suppress assuage repress restrain rein allay calm down
Antonyms of cool
responsive agitated annoyed excited upset friendly kind unpopular hot warm temperate approving poor square uncool noisy troubled loud sociable extroverted outgoing bad heat enlarge increase go on step up extend raise strengthen continue hearten incite intensify worsen release encourage inspirit let go
Identical words :
As noun :
coolness - gaar ( गारा )
cool water - gaaravani ( गारवनी )
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