corrupt meaning in marathi

Word: corrupt
Meaning of corrupt in english - dishonest, debased, vicious, adulterated, rotten, pervert, pollute

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
vilagat ( विलगट )
Synonyms of corrupt
unscrupulous crooked shady fraudulent nefarious venal unethical untrustworthy debauched reprobate bent foul padded tainted fixed open double-dealing extortionate faithless fast and loose inconstant iniquitous knavish mercenary perfidious snide treacherous two-faced underhanded unfaithful unprincipled praetorian exploiting profiteering suborned bribable gone to the dogs on the take racket up wide open depraved evil boorish abandoned low degenerate degraded baneful deleterious dissolute flagitious infamous miscreant monstrous perverse profligate villainous abased dishonored altered decayed defiled distorted falsified doctored noxious putrid polluted infected contaminated putrescent harm violate subvert ruin warp impair demean undermine bribe misuse demoralize deface square disgrace deform reduce maltreat bastardize injure damage ravage vitiate mistreat blight stain waste depreciate lure mar disfigure hurt abuse spoil despoil animalize lower blemish ill-treat outrage putrefy decompose pull down
Antonyms of corrupt
ethical moral honest honorable trustworthy principled truthful helpful kind wholesome good respectable clean pure decent uncorrupt upright high noble sound purified virtuous aid assist improve upgrade enhance purify obey adorn beautify embellish mend ornament exalt cleanse grow increase praise cherish heal ignore benefit protect preserve compliment laud better chasten dignify elevate boost decorate repair esteem strengthen treat well build flourish cure neglect bless favor save please approve commend
Identical words :
As noun :
corruption - apabhransh ( अपभ्रंश )
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