counterfeit meaning in marathi

Word: counterfeit
Meaning of counterfeit in english - fake, simulated, fake, forgery, make deceitful imitation

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
choramol ( चोरमोळ )
Synonyms of counterfeit
spurious phony fraudulent fictitious bogus forged brummagem plant affected bent put-on assumed queer pseudo pretended framed wrong feigned crock misleading ersatz pirate mock sham deceptive delusive delusory fishy pretentious snide suppositious two-faced false copied faked Hollywood not genuine not kosher soft shell won't fly simulacrum dummy humbug sell deception imposture gyp actor hoax facsimile reproduction bum copy junque fabricate imitate dupe impersonate carbon mint defraud ape cheat clone Xerox bluff coin delude ditto mimic knock off put on mimeo act like circulate bad money do like go like make like make money phony up
Antonyms of counterfeit
factual real valid honest truthful authentic sincere OK genuine true frankness honesty truthfulness uprightness reality openness original real thing differ oppose reverse tell truth be original
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