covered meaning in marathi

Word: covered
Meaning of covered in english - provided with a cover, plentifully bestrewn, attended to

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
bhaambaal ( भांबाळ )
Synonyms of covered
camouflaged painted protected enclosed wrapped hidden concealed veiled disguised bound masked sheltered coated topped shielded capped enveloped hooded sheathed secreted varnished roofed surfaced overlaid lidded overgrown spotted flowery dotted carpeted overspread spangled bejeweled flowered sown peppered powdered spattered studded starred dusted over scattered with spread with sprinkled over starry with strewn with marked investigated recorded observed reported written examined included noted scrutinized regarded explored surveyed
Antonyms of covered
uncovered unheeded unnoticed open bare exposed unmasked revealed empty unfurnished passed over
Identical words :
covered with glass - kaachanibaddhakaachanibandh ( काचनिबद्ध-काचनीबंध )
covered with dust - saraj ( सरज )
covered with moss - savaalaini ( सवालैनी )
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