count meaning in marathi

Word: count
Meaning of count in english - tally, number, add, check in order, consider, deem, have importance, include

Meanings in marathi :

lekhaavali ( लेखावळी )
Synonyms of count
poll calculation total result toll reckoning sum enumeration computation outcome whole numbering cast estimate calculate compute score figure cipher enumerate foot tell run down add up cast up keep tab take account of tick off tot up look regard expect think await impute esteem judge hope look upon weigh mean signify matter carry weight militate cut ice enter into consideration take into account number among
Antonyms of count
estimate guess part subtract disregard ignore exclude
Identical words :
As noun :
counterfeit - choramol ( चोरमोळ )
country - raashtar ( राष्टर )
countenance - vag ( वग )
As adjective :
countless - aakshauni ( आक्षौणि )
counting - lekhaavali ( लेखावळी )
counter-balancing weight in a pair of scales - dhada ( धडा )
counting rāḷā grains - raalemavani ( राळेमवणी )
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