countenance meaning in marathi

Word: countenance
Meaning of countenance in english - appearance, usually of the face, self-control, approve, support

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
vag ( वग )
mukh ( मुख )
Synonyms of countenance
demeanor visage mien map physiognomy look potato mask kisser cast mug puss aspect expression features poker face biscuit looks gills phizog composure calmness presence of mind self-composure abet condone stand for handle advocate okay champion uphold confirm applaud sanction back accept commend favor cope approbate encourage invite endorse aid swallow help bear with go for thumbs up get behind give green light give stamp of approval give the nod go along with grin and bear it hold with live with nod at put John Hancock on put up with sign off on sit still for smile on
Antonyms of countenance
protest deny refuse reject veto repudiate disapprove dissuade censure hinder block injure obstruct criticize oppose disagree discourage hurt
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