crumb meaning in marathi

Word: crumb
Meaning of crumb in english - tiny bit, morsel

Meanings in marathi :

chaara ( चारा )
Synonyms of crumb
snippet jot speck dab pinch scrap drop particle dash dram atom shred grain seed mite smidgen iota sliver soupçon
Antonyms of crumb
Identical words :
crumbs - kusakara ( कुसकरा )
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crumbscrumpled piece of clothcrushedcrushing the worldcrushingcrustcry for helpcry given in its name while guarding cropscry of alarmcrycrying at gods absencecryingcrystalcubcuckoocudgelcultivable land along the seacoastcultivated land cf nāḍkarṇī 1981 p 220cultivationcultivatorcunningcup made of a coconut shellcup that sinks in water to indicate the moment for an auspicious ceremonycupcupped handscurablecurds and buttermilkcuriositycurling up like a dogcurling up ones body