cultivation meaning in marathi

Word: cultivation
Meaning of cultivation in english - development of land for growing, culture, sophistication, education, nurture, help

Meanings in marathi :

vaahiva ( वाहिवा )
Synonyms of cultivation
horticulture farming gardening working planting tilling tillage agronomy plowing agrology agronomics breeding improvement gentility discernment learning taste discrimination civility delicacy advancement manners refinement civilization schooling progress polish enlightenment letters grounding aestheticism good taste refined taste patronage encouragement furtherance advocacy promotion support enhancement
Antonyms of cultivation
ignorance destruction harm hurt unsophistication neglect coarseness crudeness roughness decline retreat retrogression stoppage opposition
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cultivatorcunningcup made of a coconut shellcup that sinks in water to indicate the moment for an auspicious ceremonycupcupped handscurablecurds and buttermilkcuriositycurling up like a dogcurling up ones bodycurlycurrent of running watercurrentcursecurtain that serves as a room dividercurtaincurvecurved knifecurved pointcurvedcustodycustomcustomarycustomer of a prostitutecustomercustoms officercustomscutcute