dark well meaning in marathi

Word: dark well

Meanings in marathi :

andhakuup ( अंधकूप )
आत अंधार असलेली किंवा तोंड झाकलेली विहीर
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dark-coloureddark-complexioneddarkdarkness or lightness of complexiondarknessdashingdate according to the lunar calendardate palm treedatedaub of kuṅkum applied to a kings forehead at his coronationdaub of kuṅkum on the forehead of a married woman whose husband is alivedaub of sandalwood paste on the foreheaddaubdaughter-in-lawdaughterdawndawningday and nightday by dayday in the first half of a month the fortnight of the waxing moonday of the lunar monthday of the weekday on which certain activities are not to be undertakendaydaybreakdays and nightsdaytimedead beingdead bodydead person appearing as his shadow