doorway meaning in marathi

Word: doorway
Meaning of doorway in english - egress, entrance, entry, gate, lobby, passage/passageway, portal, threshold, vestibule, ingress

Meanings in marathi :

daaravataatha ( दारवटा--ठा )
umbara ( उंबरा )
Synonyms of doorway
vent exodus opening emanation departure exit outlet escape emergence withdrawal issue way out exiting setting-out hallway porch door entryway access corridor avenue inlet portico archway path approach gateway staircase adit foyer ingression bar fence conduit lock slammer weir portcullis turnstile revolving door waiting room antechamber alley channel course gap lane line road route shaft subway thoroughfare tunnel alleyway entrance hall pathway way in brink verge origin point outset start edge inception dawn sill doorstep point of departure starting point narthex
Antonyms of doorway
coming closure arrival entrance stay egress conclusion exit departure leave refusal rejection spectator blackballing fan blockage stop middle completion death ending disadvantage
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