endless meaning in marathi

Word: endless
Meaning of endless in english - not stopping, not finishing

Meanings in marathi :

anant ( अनंत )
ज्याला अंत नाही असा
Synonyms of endless
continuous constant monotonous eternal limitless unlimited never-ending incessant unending continual boundless ceaseless perpetual unfathomable infinite untold interminable uninterrupted unbroken countless deathless enduring everlasting immeasurable immortal incalculable indeterminate multitudinous numberless undivided undying amaranthine illimitable measureless overlong unbounded unsurpassable no end of no end to self-perpetuating
Antonyms of endless
completed discontinuous halting intermittent interrupted changeable inconstant changing ephemeral temporary transient calculable finite bounded restricted infrequent occasional fleeting measurable passing ceasing ending finished stopping irregular terminable brief limited broken countable completing
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