excitement meaning in marathi

Word: excitement
Meaning of excitement in english - enthusiasm, incitement

Meanings in marathi :

hul ( हुळ )
daah ( दाह )
Synonyms of excitement
emotion tumult motivation turmoil thrill furor rage confusion fuss commotion drama elation trepidation passion adventure buzz frenzy feeling warmth hysteria provocation agitation motive hullabaloo disturbance stimulation hubbub animation titillation ferment ado stir movement urge to-do fever excitation flurry heat perturbation intoxication impulse hurry discomposure stimulus bother instigation activity action dither kicks melodrama
Antonyms of excitement
calmness happiness stillness hindrance quiet inactivity cessation inaction stoppage hate frigidity idleness inertia apathy boredom lull order peace depression discouragement rest
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