exercise meaning in marathi

Word: exercise
Meaning of exercise in english - work, effort, accomplishment, use, put to use, do repeatedly, especially to improve, upset, worry

Meanings in marathi :

saraav ( सराव )
abhyaas ( अभ्यास )
Synonyms of exercise
training task lesson workout act problem action examination drill activity test performance operation study movement exertion discipline pursuit constitutional labor theme recitation discharge toil occupation daily dozen calisthenics gym exercising warm-up drilling schoolwork practice utilization enjoyment application implementation employment fulfillment handle exploit apply operate rehearse devote wield utilize bestow execute sharpen bring to bear put into practice develop prepare work out maneuver inure hone fix break strain foster habituate cultivate teach condition groom break in dry run put out run through tune up lick into shape limber up loosen up pump iron put through grind put through mill walk through warm up try annoy chafe disturb pain distress afflict perturb bother preoccupy vex irk agitate burden gall trouble provoke
Antonyms of exercise
inactivity cessation idleness inertia repose stoppage inaction surrender entertainment fun pastime disuse misuse rest dissatisfaction ignore forget neglect not use decrease destroy laze halt relax discourage aid soothe calm comfort quiet assist delight make happy please
Identical words :
exercise in cleansing the bowels - dhotipoti ( धोतिपोति )
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