faithful meaning in marathi

Word: faithful
Meaning of faithful in english - loyal, reliable, authentic, accurate

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
vishvaasiya ( विश्वासिया )
Synonyms of faithful
resolute sincere hard-core conscientious ardent staunch devoted trusty steadfast dependable scrupulous obedient truthful loving affectionate honorable upright dutiful honest trustworthy patriotic firm constant straight steady circumspect dyed-in-the-wool enduring genuine incorruptible on the level sure tried tried and true true-blue unchanging unswerving unwavering veracious allegiant attached behind one confiding string along with precise credible strict lifelike exact close just similar veridical
Antonyms of faithful
irresolute dishonest untrustworthy irresponsible unscrupulous disloyal undependable unreliable negligent unfaithful disobedient lying untruthful faithless fraudulent unstable changeable unsteady inconstant untrue inaccurate inexact uncertain weak careless corrupt cold cool disliking false flexible loose wavering unfixed treacherous different indefinite
Identical words :
faithful wife - saiyaapaalana ( सैयापाळना )
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