false meaning in marathi

Word: false
Meaning of false in english - wrong, made up, dishonest, hypocritical, fake, counterfeit

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
vaav ( वाव )
दोन्ही हात पूर्ण पसरले असता त्यातील अंतर
Synonyms of false
untrue distorted mistaken improper erroneous fanciful untruthful incorrect deceitful invalid fictitious bogus misleading faulty inaccurate spurious phony specious unfounded fraudulent unreal apocryphal delusive ersatz fallacious fishy illusive imaginary inexact lying mendacious sham trumped up unsound counterfactual beguiling casuistic concocted contrary to fact cooked-up deceiving misrepresentative off the mark sophistical deceptive malicious apostate base canting corrupt crooked devious dishonorable disloyal double-dealing duplicitous faithless foul malevolent mean perfidious recreant renegade traitorous treacherous two-faced underhanded unfaithful unscrupulous untrustworthy venal villainous wicked perjured treasonable deluding falsehearted forsworn mythomaniac rascally scoundrelly contrived forged hollow adulterated artificial assumed bent bum colored crock disguised factitious feigned framed imitation made-up make-believe manufactured meretricious mock ostensible pretended pseudo seeming shady simulated snide so-called substitute synthetic alloyed brummagem fabricated
Antonyms of false
real truthful honest moral valid sincere frank trustworthy authentic factual known reliable genuine true faithful correct fair right sound open proven accurate precise substantiated just straight
Identical words :
false charge - abhishraap ( अभिश्राप )
false path - aadaraan ( आडरान )
false understanding or charge - aalajaal ( आळजाळ )
falsehood - latikepan ( लटिकेपण )
false display of devotion - tiletopimaala ( टिळेटोपीमाळा )
false pride - dambh ( डंभ )
false hope - duraasa ( दुरासा )
false show - mathaara ( मठारा )
false excuse - mishaantar ( मिषांतर )
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