family meaning in marathi

Word: family
Meaning of family in english - kin, offspring, classification

Meanings in marathi :

vans ( वंस )
कूळ: गोत्र
Synonyms of family
clan tribe group people house household folk dynasty strain ancestry parentage brood pedigree inheritance progeny system extraction issue relationship kindred blood birth genre line descent lineage subdivision genealogy network race kith and kin menage in-laws children relatives siblings descendants ancestors progenitors forebears generations heirs and assigns
Identical words :
As noun :
family name - paik ( पैक )
family home - kutumbaghar ( कुटुंबघर )
family deity - kolapurukh ( कोळपुरुख )
family members - paragrah ( परग्रह )
family priest - purohit ( पुरोहित )
family name or the name of an office - senavaiaaya ( सेणवैआ-ऱ्या )
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