figure meaning in marathi

Word: figure
Meaning of figure in english - numeral, numeric value, form, shape, physical structure, object with design, depiction, famous person, calculate, compute, understand, decide, infer

Meanings in marathi :

phali ( फळी )
Synonyms of figure
price character rate number symbol amount cost total sum digit terms cipher worth quotation integer chiffer development frame attitude silhouette constitution outline physique build proportions body pose conformation anatomy chassis shadow configuration posture substance delineation appearance cast carriage mass measurements torso image model motive embellishment emblem portrait effigy pattern sketch illustration composition decoration diagram statue representation device motif piece mold drawing ornamentation leader personality force presence dignitary celebrity notable personage worthy somebody notability guess add work out estimate count totalize tote reckon tally enumerate foot run down summate count heads count noses cut ice dope out fix a price keep tabs take account of tot up resolve conclude discover fathom see settle suppose determine think decode unravel unfold get disentangle rule comprehend untangle reason master crack decipher follow opine clear up make out unscramble catch on to make heads or tails of puzzle out think out
Antonyms of figure
commoner part letter mind nobody estimate guess subtract waver unsettle ignore disbelieve tangle misunderstand question wonder begin start miss neglect overlook twist
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