food offering meaning in marathi

Word: food offering

Meanings in marathi :

og ( ओग )
upahaar ( उपहार )
naivedy ( नैवेद्य )
ogh ( ओघ )
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food offerings held in the handfood offerings received from brāhmaṇas kṣatriyas and vaiśyasfood received as alms at a threshing floorfood scraped out of a potfood served to a divine incarnationfood served to humans and deitiesfood that is eaten by lickingfood to be offered in a sacrificefood without oilfoodfool said fondlyfoolishfoolishly besottedfoot massagefoot matfoot soldierfoot soldiersfootfootfallfootpathfootstepfootwearfor a fortnightfor a little whilefor a long timefor a momentfor a whilefor about a monthfor about a yearfor ages and ages