gloomy meaning in marathi

Word: gloomy
Meaning of gloomy in english - dark, black, feeling down, blue, sad, depressing

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
himat ( हीमट )
Synonyms of gloomy
funereal dim murky overcast somber dreary cloudy dismal forlorn dull bleak cheerless desolate dusky obscure sepulchral shadowy tenebrous wintry caliginous clouded crepuscular lightless overclouded unilluminated unlit pessimistic dour sullen solemn melancholy ugly glum depressed miserable blue funk crestfallen dejected despondent disconsolate dispirited down in the mouth downcast downhearted joyless low moody morose mournful oppressed saturnine sulky surly unhappy weary woebegone woeful crabbed broody chapfallen down in the dumps dragged in low spirits mirthless moping mopish discouraging bad cold drab lugubrious oppressive comfortless dispiriting tenebrific disheartening acheronian acherontic depressive
Antonyms of gloomy
cheerful joyful lively intelligent pleasant animated content encouraged vivacious encouraging exhilarating happy bright clear light smart luminous sunny hopeful sparkling uplifting glad comforted
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