greed meaning in marathi

Word: greed
Meaning of greed in english - overwhelming desire for more

Meanings in marathi :

haanv ( हांव )
उत्कट इच्छा
havyaas ( हव्यास )
Synonyms of greed
longing hunger avarice excess selfishness edacity covetousness indulgence rapacity voracity acquisitiveness ravenousness avidity cupidity eagerness intemperance craving gluttony esurience piggishness gormandizing graspingness insatiableness swinishness
Antonyms of greed
apathy indifference dislike distaste benevolence
Identical words :
As adjective :
greedy - haavabhaavi ( हावभावी )
greedily - maraten ( मरतें )
greedy person - lobhiya ( लोभिया )
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