helpful meaning in marathi

Word: helpful
Meaning of helpful in english - beneficial, beneficent

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
saahaatmak ( साहात्मक )
Synonyms of helpful
accessible useful valuable cooperative supportive sympathetic productive advantageous convenient crucial friendly conducive profitable constructive important favorable significant timely applicable practical invaluable suitable essential accommodating benevolent considerate effectual efficacious fortunate improving instrumental kind neighborly pragmatic serviceable usable utilitarian contributive bettering caring good for serendipitous
Antonyms of helpful
useless worthless unimportant unfriendly unsociable inappropriate inopportune inessential trivial unfavorable injurious insignificant nonessential minor unsuitable disadvantageous harmful hurtful hindering hurting unhelpful cold cool disagreeable
Identical words :
helpful companion - saavaas ( सावास )
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