help meaning in marathi

Word: help
Meaning of help in english - assistance, relief, employee, aid, assist, improve

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
saahe ( साहे )
Synonyms of help
advice use service support comfort hand benefit cooperation guidance balm nourishment corrective sustenance avail remedy lift maintenance utility cure succor helping hand worker colleague abettor auxiliary helper deputy servant assistant domestic aide helpmate representative partner collaborator subsidiary attendant supporter ally adjutant ancilla right-hand person bolster save serve encourage cooperate maintain back push further promote boost stimulate plug advocate befriend uphold intercede ballyhoo relieve cheer patronize accommodate second sustain sanction endorse hype puff prop buck up go to bat for be of use do a favor do a service go with lend a hand open doors root for see through stand by stick up for stump for work for do one's part take under one's wing restore ease revive treat alleviate facilitate mitigate palliate doctor amend heal better
Antonyms of help
hurt injury hindrance encumbrance obstruction prevention blockage disease counteraction harm ownership handicap check stop management antagonist enemy opponent manager boss hinder undermine refuse dissuade delay impede condemn conceal hide frustrate protest ignore disapprove injure decrease worsen neglect depress discourage halt oppose destroy increase accuse
Identical words :
As noun :
helplessness - mokalavaadi ( मोकळवादी )
helper - saahaakaari ( साहाकारी )
As adjective :
helpful - saahaatmak ( साहात्मक )
helpful companion - saavaas ( सावास )
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