impure meaning in marathi

Word: impure
Meaning of impure in english - not clean mentally, physically, mixed

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
sabal ( सबळ )
Synonyms of impure
unclean adulterated carnal coarse common corrupt debased defiled diluted dirty filthy foul gross grubby immodest immoral indecent lewd nasty obscene smutty squalid tainted unrefined unwholesome vile wicked alloyed doctored unchaste admixed contaminated desecrated infected not pure polluted profaned sullied vitiated
Antonyms of impure
chaste impeccable sterile clean
Identical words :
impure substance - amedhy ( अमेध्य )
impure gold - kidabhaangaar ( कीडभांगार )
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