incense meaning in marathi

Word: incense
Meaning of incense in english - strongly fragrant smoke, make very angry

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
dhuup ( धूप )
Synonyms of incense
odor aroma scent perfume balm bouquet essence punk redolence flame fuel spice frankincense myrrh burnt offering exasperate infuriate excite irritate enrage inflame rile disgust anger bother umbrage provoke madden ire egg on fire up ask for it get a rise out of make blood boil make see red
Antonyms of incense
odor stink stench calm placate soothe pacify quiet tranquilize aid appease comfort please make happy compose
Identical words :
incense pot - dhupen ( धुपें )
incense burner - dhuupaayan ( धूपायन )
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