intimate meaning in marathi

Word: intimate
Meaning of intimate in english - friendly, devoted, private, personal, a close friend, familiar person, suggest, tip off

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
nijagad ( निजगड )
दृढपणे जडलेले
Synonyms of intimate
affectionate warm cozy confidential loving near faithful snug bosom fast mix roommate dear mellow regular nice chummy comfy fond next cherished dearest buddy-buddy clubby nearest detailed penetrating profound firsthand in-depth visceral guarded ingrained indwelling privy deep secret experienced special gut interior essential trusted deep-seated elemental exhaustive immediate inborn inbred inherent inmost innate innermost internal intrinsic thorough uptight viscerous confidante crony comrade family associate companion lover pal bosom buddy assert imply impart affirm vent spring utter indicate connote leak avouch allude state insinuate aver announce infer expose express communicate warn voice hint air remind profess declare spill the beans drop a hint let cat out of bag let it be known make known
Antonyms of intimate
far inaccurate incompatible unfriendly cold cool disliking away loose imprecise formal public stupid superficial known ignorant aboveboard unimportant revealed open enemy foe opponent stranger deny conceal hide withhold bottle up suppress be quiet
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