joy meaning in marathi

Word: joy
Meaning of joy in english - great happiness, pleasure

Meanings in marathi :

harus ( हरुस )
aanand ( आनंद )
Synonyms of joy
satisfaction comfort humor glee delight elation cheer charm bliss pride amusement wonder indulgence alleviation rapture jubilance gladness gaiety revelry sport transport solace treasure fruition refreshment delectation liveliness animation luxury frolic hilarity treat festivity rejoicing diversion felicity gratification gem prize merriment exultation ecstasy jewel mirth good humor exulting ravishment pride and joy
Antonyms of joy
sadness melancholy sorrow dislike mourning vocation woe unhappiness depression seriousness misery work
Identical words :
As adjective :
joyous - niraani ( निराणी )
joyful - haasilaapusila ( हासिलापुसिला )
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