jump meaning in marathi

Word: jump
Meaning of jump in english - leap, increase, advantage, obstacle, leap, spring, recoil, omit, avoid

Meanings in marathi :

jhep ( झेप )
Synonyms of jump
plunge dive rise upsurge bounce hurdle fall vault drop swerve plummet canter dance bound caper jar lurch start hop skip pounce jerk nosedive buck shock jolt wrench bob twitch gambol upspring leapfrogging skipping saltation capriole leaping hopping gambade advance upturn inflation increment spurt boost handicap ascent augmentation upper hand head start bar barrier fence stretch rail impediment barricade take top quiver barge rattle pop shake trip jounce wobble sky jiggle lop hurtle waver clear ricochet bail out curvet parachute saltate somersault lollop rebound bolt startle wince carom flinch leave cover digress evade nullify abandon switch cancel miss clear out pass over overshoot cross out raise gain escalate hike mount ascend put up
Antonyms of jump
increase decrease disadvantage ascent end decline opening aid help ascend permit placate soothe retreat rise go up allow lose add address face uphold recede lessen halt stop drop
Identical words :
As adjective :
jumping - jhombi ( झोंबी )
jumping high - udaanan ( उडाण--न )
jumping into the air - utapavan ( उतपवन )
jumping forward - varipadi ( वरिपडी )
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