knowledgeable meaning in marathi

Word: knowledgeable
Meaning of knowledgeable in english - aware, educated

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
vidgad ( विद्गद )
Synonyms of knowledgeable
well-rounded sensible experienced wise conscious brilliant intelligent discerning informed sophisticated appreciative perceptive learned conversant well-informed smart insightful abreast acquainted alert au courant au fait brainy bright clever cognizant erudite familiar knowing lettered omniscient prescient privy quick-witted sagacious sage savvy scholarly sharp understanding versed apprised in the know plugged in posted sophic tuned-in
Antonyms of knowledgeable
senseless unwise ignorant inexperienced unsophisticated foolish stupid unintelligent unaware neglectful uninformed uneducated unreasonable unknowledgeable dull
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