liquid meaning in marathi

Word: liquid
Meaning of liquid in english - fluid, flowing, melting, readily available

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
saadrauusaadrav ( साद्रउ-साद्रव )
Synonyms of liquid
succulent solvent damp smooth running melted wet dulcet fluent juicy luscious mellifluous mellow moist molten moving sappy soft thin viscous watery pulpy splashing aqueous deliquescent dissolvable dissolved fluidic fusible ichorous liquefied liquiform mellifluent meltable runny serous thawed uncongealed quick ready convertible free marketable negotiable usable realizable goo slop nectar swill flux liquor solution elixir juice secretion extract broth aqua goop aqueous material
Antonyms of liquid
intermittent unavailable dry broken close condensed firm hard solid frozen uneducated
Identical words :
liquid fire - dhananjay ( धनंजय )
liquid vegetable dish - saambaaren ( सांबारें )
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