look meaning in marathi

Word: look
Meaning of look in english - visual examination, characteristic, stylish appearance, examine visually, appear, seem to be, expect, anticipate, face

Meanings in marathi :

dithi ( दिठी )
drishti ( दृष्टी )
Synonyms of look
stare peek glimpse eye review attention glance sight marking leer flash surveillance introspection gaze swivel regard noticing slant scrutiny speculation case regarding contemplation observation once-over cast survey gander reconnaissance inspection squint evil eye beholding viewing gun keeping watch look-see fashion presence demeanor manner expression bearing semblance seeming mien effect air countenance physiognomy complexion aspect guise mug visage notice consider read study peer rubberneck gape scan beware goggle mind focus scrutinize ogle tend note attend spot gawk contemplate observe peep spy glower admire scout heed get a load of pore over take a gander take in the sights feast one's eyes sound show exhibit resemble evidence indicate manifest display present look like make clear strike as search seek hope hunt foretell await divine forecast count on reckon on front overlook front on
Antonyms of look
indifference disregard ignorance neglect ignore scorn avoid dodge overlook forget look away miss conceal hide contradict withhold cover
Identical words :
looking in each others eyes - dekhovekhi ( देखोवेखी )
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