meeting meaning in marathi

Word: meeting
Meaning of meeting in english - gathering, conference, convergence, intersection

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
jod ( जोड )
mel ( मेळ )
milani ( मिळणी )
yog ( योग )
Synonyms of meeting
showdown contest convention competition session talk reunion date encounter confrontation affair gang rally bunch confab parley introduction engagement concourse call conflict assembly conclave congress company convocation powwow tryst congregation turnout huddle assignation audience rendezvous meet assemblage cattle call get-together concursion one on one contact agreement juxtaposition junction confluence connection unification crossing conjunction abutment apposition
Antonyms of meeting
calm separation agreement peace division
Identical words :
meeting of minds - manomel ( मनोमेळ )
meeting face to face - sãvadrishti ( संवदृष्टि )
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