merciful meaning in marathi

Word: merciful
Meaning of merciful in english - kind, sparing

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
sakrit ( सकृत )
As adjective :
sapaakhar ( सपाखर )
Synonyms of merciful
humanitarian kindly compassionate charitable lenient forgiving humane gracious beneficent benign bleeding heart clement condoning easygoing feeling forbearing generous gentle indulgent liberal mild pitiful soft softhearted sympathetic tender tenderhearted tolerant benignant pitying all heart heart in right place
Antonyms of merciful
uncompassionate unsympathetic cruel hateful merciless unkind unmerciful ungiving hard harsh mean inhumane severe
Identical words :
mercifully - kripaavasen ( कृपावसें )
mercifulness - sakanavapan ( सकणवपण )
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