Niche meaning in hindi | Niche ka matlab 

Niche meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Niche 
Other : मौका
Usage of Niche: 1: Taarab which was traditionally strong in Zanzibar has also found a niche 2: She spoke of her hopes of finding a niche in comedy 3: Woolahra are home to boutiques selling more niche products. 4: It was not until his last two years at school that Eiffel found his niche 5: Tourism targets the niche eco-tourism market 6: The single largest niche industry is based on Latin music. 7: Airships are still used today in certain niche applications 8: Marianne Moore carved out a unique niche for herself among 20th century poets. 9: Serving the business-only niche 10: Chapiteau niche coronation, etc
Niche ki paribhasha : jo snkhya men sam na ho hara vah avakaash jisamen koi chij rah sake vah sthaan jahaaan koi ghatana ghatit ho

Niche synonyms
slot alcove vocation recess cubbyhole opening calling pigeonhole nook hollow cranny indentation position corner compartment byplace
Niche antonyms
entertainment closure solid 
Usage of Niche in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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