Pain meaning in hindi | Pain ka matlab 

Pain meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Pain 
Usage of Pain: 1: suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her side 2: You should seek medical advice if the pain persists. 3: Im having an uncontrollable pain in the stomach. 4: insensible to pain 5: Persistent pain is incapacitating. 6: Im having an unbearable pain in the stomach. 7: Severe pain racked her body. 8: The lady was writhing with pain after a boulder-hit. 9: I have a pain at the nape.
The chain is knotted at the nape.
10: The pain subsided
Pain ki paribhasha : kisi prakaar ka duःkh pahuanchaane ka bhaav vah dnd jisake anusaar aparaadhi ko kuchh dhan dena pade jo kramashaः buri haalat ko pahuancha ho kisi ke pichhe padna duःkh ya kasht aadi ka honevaala anubhav aisa avastha jisase chhutakaara paane ki ichchha praaniyon men svaabhaavik ho

Usage of Pain in sentences

The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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