Penalty meaning in hindi | Penalty ka matlab 

Penalty meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Penalty 
Usage of Penalty: 1: He suffered the penalty 2: neglected his health and paid the penalty 3: Some of the players claimed a penalty but the refree told them to play on. 4: That very penalty for selling stolen goods 5: Maradona scored a penalty 6: Depending on the penalty 7: For Aquinas' discussion of the death penalty 8: This allows TGVs to stop without incurring too great a time penalty 9: Current states' rights issues include the death penalty 10: Although the state retains the death penalty for limited crimes
Penalty ki paribhasha : vah dhan ya vastu jo kisi ko us nukasaan ke badale men usake dbaara jisase ya jisake kaaran nukasaan pahuancha ho di jaaya, jo use uthaana pad ho aparaadh aadi ke kaaran honevaala dnd vah rakam jo kisi aparaadh ke dnd men chukaani pade

Usage of Penalty in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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