Penetration meaning in hindi | Penetration ka matlab 

Penetration meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Penetration 
Usage of Penetration: 1: Our penetration of the enemys defences. 2: The extra power and penetration 3: This is the outcome of slow penetration of the sun's rays into the sea 4: The combination of stopping power and controlled penetration makes the . 5: Broadband internet penetration has steadily increased with BSNL 6: Also gas clouds had limited penetration 7: Also gas clouds had limited penetration 8: Allied forces deployed to the flanks of the German penetration 9: The city has the highest wireless penetration in the world 10: Broadband internet penetration is increasing in the city
Penetration ki paribhasha : kuchh vegapoorvak athava dusare ki ichchha ka virodh karate hue andar jaana naatak men kisi paatr ka rngamnch men pravesh

Usage of Penetration in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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