Percentage meaning in hindi | Percentage ka matlab 

Percentage meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Percentage 
Usage of Percentage: 1: What percentage of the students is awarded a fellowship. 2: The percentage of lead in our drinking water is unacceptably high 3: The sales girls get a percentage on each product they sell. 4: Indexation is necessary to show the percentage of increase in price level of different things every year. 5: Although the corresponding percentage of ethnic Russians is 78% in Russia 6: A smaller percentage of soybeans are used directly for human consumption. 7: Even oven-dried wood retains a small percentage of moisture 8: A small percentage of this capture, 4% to 14%, is smuggled into the USA". 9: 503 winning percentage over his career . 10: Thus, Ryan's winning percentage was only .
Percentage ki paribhasha : di hui tin snkhyaaon se chauthi ko jaanana bhinn ki lakir ke oopar ki snkhya

Usage of Percentage in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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