Petty meaning in hindi | Petty ka matlab 

Petty meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Petty 
Usage of Petty: 1: the discouragement of petty theft 2: Life in the suburbs can be petty pedestrian. 3: Give Lixinton fifteen dollars out of the petty cash. 4: She had been pilfering from the petty cash for months. 5: He was going through the petty details. 6: his bureaucratically petty behavior annoyed her 7: The petty theives cleared off as soon as they saw the police jeep. 8: The judge really came down on the petty crooks . 9: Some sellers in the markets were petty vendors 10: After centuries of petty rivalry between the three kingdoms
Petty ki paribhasha : jo badai ya vistaar men kam ho hasta, ashvini aurn pushy ye tinon nakshatr jo jyotish men chhote maane gae hai aur jinaka gan laghugan kaha gaya hai phalit jyotish men vah sthaan jo kisi grah ke uchch sthaan se saatavaaan ho saahity men ek prakaar ka gady jisamen kuchh vrattigndhi aur kuchh avrattigndhi ka mel hota hai

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The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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