Piping meaning in hindi | Piping ka matlab 

Piping meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Piping 
Usage of Piping: 1: My mother served me the food piping hot. 2: The bird is piping a song on the tree. 3: She is piping water in to the garden. 4: On a cold day, I like to eat piping hot soup . 5: Consideration was given to piping water from the Kimberley region 6: A white ribbon with pink piping 7: It came piping hot, just hot, tell me about his discovery 8: The blue lapels with red piping 9: The piping used to distinguish different bodies of troops
Piping ki paribhasha : sil jisapar masaala aadi pisate hain baaansuri ke aakaar ka ek prakaar ka angreji baaja vah sair jo nagar ke baahar kisi baag ya upavan aadi men ho aur jisamen khaane pine, visheshataः kachchi rasoi aadi, ka prabndh ho jisaka svaad bahut tej ya charapara ho

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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