Prominent meaning in hindi | Prominent ka matlab 

Prominent meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Prominent 
Usage of Prominent: 1: a prominent vascularity 2: One of the symptoms of teen maturity is the growth of a prominent epiglottis in boys. 3: The dentist corrected the prominent teeth of the patient. 4: He is a prominent German industrialist. 5: Himalaya mountains have many prominent ridges. 6: The prominent development of the country is based on the ruling government. 7: Most prominent among these is Case Western Reserve University 8: FRS was a prominent South African and British Commonwealth statesman 9: Complex numbers became more prominent in the 16th century 10: He also named many of the cave's more prominent formations
Prominent ki paribhasha : vah jo mukhy ya pradhaan ho vishnu ka ek naam adhyaaya, parichchhed aadi ka aarnbh vah padaarth jo aaankhon ke saamane ho

Usage of Prominent in sentences

The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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