Reading meaning in hindi | Reading ka matlab 

Reading meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Reading 
Usage of Reading: 1: indiscriminate reading habits 2: his main reading was detective stories 3: responsive reading 4: After reading returned the book to the shelf. 5: I am reading a weekly. 6: She looked up from her reading and spoke to us . 7: Rasheeda sat reading the newspaper . 8: Tesla engaged in reading many works 9: Many Taoists also participated in the reading and writing of books. 10: Most of Anne's time was spent reading and studying
Reading ki paribhasha : kisi pustak visheshataः dharmapustak ko niyamapoorvak padhane ki kriya ya bhaav manushy ke hraday ka aashay jo shabd se prakat ho vah vaaky aadi jo kisi jatil pad ya vaaky aadi ka arth spasht karata ho braahmaanon ke shatkarmo men se ek karm

Usage of Reading in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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