Reduce meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Reduce
As noun : पराजित करना Ex:  It can reduce the risk of many diseases in the baby.
As verb :
अपचयन करना Ex:  We have to reduce our overheads on cooling उदसन Ex:  He sought to reduce distance उफताद Ex:  International agreements came into force in late 1999 to reduce illegal ऐकध्य Ex:  Modifications to simplify production and reduce cost were made in 1942 कम करना Ex:  To reduce the expense of outside plant क्षीण बनाना Ex:  These can reduce the "positive" symptoms of psychosis. खट्टना Ex:  To reduce over-heating from oil-money घटना Ex:  Careful control is needed to reduce the risk of long term complications. उ:   इसी घटना के बाद इसका नाम हत्‍याहरण तीर्थ पडा। घटाना Ex:  Raney nickel will reduce heteroatom-heteroatom bonds such as hydrazines उ:   घटाने में छोटी संख्या को बड़ी संख्या में से घटाना चाहिए। घट्ना Ex:  The treaty requires these countries to take specific actions to reduce by-catch उ:   और इस घट्ना के बाद रयान उस घर में अकेला रेहता है। छँटनी करना Ex:  Foods rich in cocoa appear to reduce blood pressure जीतना Ex:  Despite efforts to reduce transmission and increase treatment उ:   पर फिर भी मुरुड का जंजिरा जीतना महाराज को असंभव ही रहा। दुर्बल बनाना Ex:  Taking these variants into account would reduce the total number of signs. निकाल देना Ex:  If we reduce the spatial dimensions to 2 निखूटनापु Ex:  This included an agreement to reduce subsidies paid to farmers निम्न अवस्था मेँ लाना Ex:  This has led to fiscal measures to reduce government spending निर्धन बनाना Ex:  It will reduce the travel time from the Hauptbahnhof to only 10 minutes. परिमाण घटाना Ex:  Thus increased cigarette taxes are proposed as a means to reduce smoking. प्रर्हासित करना Ex:  THC has been shown to reduce arterial blockages. लघु करना Ex:  Caching helps reduce the amount of Web traffic on the Internet. लघू करना Ex:  This helps reduce page download times and lowers demands on the Web server. वकूआ Ex:  Drastic measures have been taken to reduce crime in the city. वझ्ॅअन कम करना Ex:  The country had to reduce its army to 20,000 men वाकया Ex:  Joint public-private public works projects helped reduce unemployment. विजृंभ Ex:  To reduce traffic jams वित्तहीन करना Ex:  The move aims to reduce the traffic snarls in Jakarta. विहाँणी Ex:  US$277-billion effort to reduce air pollution वुकूअ Ex:  They can act to reduce the threat value of the event . व्यपसारण Ex:  Absolutely If restrict, reduce its expenditure, its lifestyle व्युदास Ex:  Each of the two parts of wood or iron, made of horizontal blades arranged lampshades, and placed outside the windows to allow to reduce light, breathable संक्षिप्त करना Ex:  He wisely will reduce its lifestyle संवृत्ति Ex:  I shall know how to reduce it to reason समसन Ex:  In terms of Astronomy, lowering of a star, Quantity that must reduce the apparent height of a star for its true height समाकुचन Ex:  It is also said Overcoming someone, The reduction to reason, to reduce it to do what you want समानयन करना Ex:  It means, by extension, Delineate something to reduce the effects समुन्नय Ex:  It still means , figuratively, restrict, reduce in some terminals समुपस्था, समुपस्थान Ex:  Logical reasoning form in which we reduce the syllogism two proposals, the first of which सिकोड़ना Ex:  Machine composed of Arts of two steel cylinders, which is passed between metal strips, to reduce the thickness more or less, depending on whether approaches more or less cylinders
Other : अवनत करना Ex:  He applied poultice on his foot to reduce swelling. उतार देना Ex:  I will reduce the bill by a few dollars . पद घटाना Ex:  Moreover, some drugs for MI might also reduce CRP levels. प्रह्रासन करना Ex:  Trails and high use areas are redesigned to reduce impact. मूल स्थान मेँ लाना Ex:  Colonial doctors were to greatly reduce the spread of African trypanosomiasis में बदल देना Ex:  In order to reduce Swedish influence in Finland सँकुचित करना Ex:  He unsuccessfully tried to reduce the crime
Reduce ki paribhasha : yuddh ya ladai men vipakshi ke viruddh saphalata praapt karana koi baaj jo ho jaay door tak phaili hui vastu ko samet kar thode sthaan men karana
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The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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