Reduce meaning in hindi | Reduce ka matlab 

Reduce meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Reduce 
Usage of Reduce: 1: We have to reduce our overheads on cooling 2: He applied poultice on his foot to reduce swelling. 3: I will reduce the bill by a few dollars . 4: He sought to reduce distance 5: International agreements came into force in late 1999 to reduce illegal 6: Modifications to simplify production and reduce cost were made in 1942 7: To reduce the expense of outside plant 8: These can reduce the "positive" symptoms of psychosis. 9: To reduce over-heating from oil-money 10: Careful control is needed to reduce the risk of long term complications.
Reduce ki paribhasha : yuddh ya ladai men vipakshi ke viruddh saphalata praapt karana koi baaj jo ho jaay door tak phaili hui vastu ko samet kar thode sthaan men karana

Usage of Reduce in sentences

The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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