Reel meaning in hindi | Reel ka matlab 

Reel meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Reel 
Usage of Reel: 1: Everything began to reel before her eyes. 2: She can really reel song lyrics off . 3: She knew she would reel under the heavy load . 4: I'd have been dead by the second reel of 'Now 5: Stock widths and the film format for images on the reel have had a rich history 6: By extension, he amuses himself with his cane reel 7: By extension, he amuses himself with his cane reel 8: In terms of Ropes The wings of a drum, the two cross boards which serve to retain the wire on the reel when it is close to being completed 9: It is also said of a reel of the kind or of the impeller for use tailpieces 10: Faire the reel with a sword, with a stick at both ends, etc
Reel ki paribhasha : vah gol ya chakraakaar padaarth jo bich ki kili ko ek sthaan par tikaakar ghoomata ho ek hi dhuri par chaaron or bhraman karana pahiye ki tarah ghoomanevaali koi vastu aashcharyn se idhar udhar taakana na jamane ya na thaharane ke kaaran idhar udhar hil dol jaana

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The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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