Resolve meaning in hindi | Resolve ka matlab 

Resolve meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Resolve 
Usage of Resolve: 1: unalterable resolve 2: doubt is a great weakener of resolve 3: Earlier the brithers held quarter-sessions to resolve small cases. 4: you should resolve her problem. 5: A Joint Committee was established in 2001 to resolve the issue 6: The "new" problem is how to resolve this conflict. 7: The Secretary-General's duties include helping resolve international disputes 8: This discussion is difficult to resolve 9: Each had sought to resolve the St. 10: To resolve the paradox of the initial singularity
Resolve ki paribhasha : vidhi ya nishchay ke anukool praatibndh kisi buraayi ko door karane ka ka kaam kaary karane ki vah ichchha jo man men utpann ho aisi dhaarana jisamen koi sndeh na ho

Usage of Resolve in sentences

The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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