Rustic meaning in hindi | Rustic ka matlab 

Rustic meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Rustic 
Usage of Rustic: 1: Her beauty lies in her rustic simplicity. 2: The rustic stonework is used for the entire facade 3: Almost all dwellings in Sikkim are rustic 4: His mannerisms and Galloway accent struck the other boys as rustic 5: Less rustic activities are trips to Callaway Gardens 6: The tomb was designed to resemble a rustic temple 7: Charles Whittlesey designed the arts and crafts-styled rustic hotel complex 8: A pleasant site, laughing, wild, rustic 9: Asylum nice, delicious, rustic 10: Having air countryside, the rustic ways, Have the air, the manners of a country
Rustic ki paribhasha : gadhaa, ghoda, khachchara, bail aadi pashu jo paale jaate aur gaaanvon men rahate hain jisaki banaavat aadi bahut snkshipt ho graam ka vaasi ya nivaasi jo kaat chhaaantakar durust na kiya gaya ho bhaav prakaash ke anusaar vah pradesh jahaaan jngal adhik hon, paani adhik ho, rog adhik hon aur jaad tatha garami bhi adhik padti ho

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The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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