Silent meaning in hindi | Silent ka matlab 

Silent meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Silent 
Usage of Silent: 1: b is silent when pronounced but written in comb 2: his face wrinkled in a silent laugh of derision 3: The class girls had been silent for the entire period with out peeping. 4: The boy became silent when his father asked him the reason for returning so late. 5: The audience fell silent when the speaker entered 6: I could keep silent no longer . 7: A conventional submarine operating on its batteries is almost completely silent 8: The pressman promised to stay silent but the story circulated in Catterick 9: The dressing room was silent when he returned. 10: Litvinoff proceeded in evoking to the packed but silent room his work
Silent ki paribhasha : 5186 ujaarou na bolane ki kriya ya bhaav jyotish men vrash sinha, vrashchik aur kunbh ye chaar raashiyaaan, jo sthir maani gai hain jisamen koi kriya ya vyaapaar na ho adhik nahin aadi arthon ka soochak avyay jahaaan shabd na ho ya jo shabd na kare pakke lohe ki vah talavaar jisamen tootane se bachaane ke liye ek kachcha loha laga rahata hai katore ke aakaar ki tokari jo praayaः kaaans aur mooanj se bunakar banaayi jaati hai jisake muanh se alag varn na nikal sakte hon

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The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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