Sorrow meaning in hindi | Sorrow ka matlab 

Sorrow meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Sorrow 
Usage of Sorrow: 1: Her sorrow is just a masquerade. 2: We all share your sorrow on this sad, sad day . 3: There is no need to sorrow over Tom . 4: Images of intense sorrow 5: A black sorrow 6: An old sorrow 7: Banish sorrow of his mind 8: being buried in grief, deep sorrow Having 9: Deep sorrow 10: From the depths of my sorrow
Sorrow ki paribhasha : kisi vastu ya vishay men pravesh isht ke naash aur anisht ki prapti se utpann manovikaar aisa avastha jisase chhutakaara paane ki ichchha praaniyon men svaabhaavik ho

Usage of Sorrow in sentences

The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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